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Strength In Unity

Nigerian Organisation Of Women (NOW) Aims


Our organisations aims encompass many areas for the Nigerian community within the UK, including family support, health awareness and community support.


We achieve our objectives by:

By encouraging Nigerian Children and other members of the families, to improve themselves by extending their educational skills.

Providing a forum whereby all Nigerian Women can come together and seek their common goal by supporting and showing concern for their mutual interests.

By encouraging Nigerian Women to come forward with their wealth of talents, culture and training and project themselves to the community in which they are a part.

By creating an atmosphere for our children whereby their identity as Nigerians and the desire and keenness to preserve their culture awakened in them  through language classes, culture dances and folklores.

Pin-pointing particular areas of discrimination and oppressive treatment of widows during the burial ceremonies of their husbands, circumcision of daughters, being inherited as a wife by deceased husbands, brother etc. and finding ways and means of eradicating them.

To contribute to their political, economic and social development of the society through writing articles in newsletters, organising courses seminars conferences, production of education methods and providing facilities like play group crafts workshops, language classes and training in women skills.  Building up a resources library for and one of the named activities.

To provide supportive moves and struggles for women’s equality better living and working condition of their communities by taking part in rallies, demonstrations and lobbying the powers that be.

To connect with other Nigerian Women’s Organisations both at home and abroad.

To provide fund raising activities and organise appeals for funds from local government organisation and humanitarian individuals, London based Nigerian Organisations and institutions and individuals.

Alerting Governments both in the UK and in Nigeria about the needs of women and striving to find ourselves in policy-making positions whereby our contributions will truly reflect the problems of women and providing lasting solutions.

To link-up with other organisations both locally and internationally who are working towards the same goals of improvement and development for women, especially fro women in the third world.  Take interest in issues.